How To Connect your Whitebit Account with Vestinda

Create an API Key in WhiteBIT

In order to connect your account from WhiteBIT Exchange to Vestinda, you will first need an API KEY.

An API KEY is a secure way to allow Vestinda to read your balance and automate investments. It acts as a secret authentication token and you can control the level of access. Vestinda needs read access to track your portfolio and trading access to automate your investments. No withdrawal access is needed; we forbid withdrawal permissions so please don't enable them.

Before creating an API Key with WhiteBIT, make sure your identity is verified.

Step 1

Login to your WhiteBIT account and go to the API section from the menu.

Step 2

Once you get to the API keys section, click the Edit button.

Step 3

Enter your 2FA code

Step 4

  • From the next screen, copy the API Key and API Secret to a temporary location, such as a text file
  • Enter a meaningful name for the API Key, such as ‘Vestinda’
  • From the Endpoint access section, enable 
    • Wallet balance and history
    • Trade balance and order history
    • Order management
  • Click the Confirm button
  • Enter your 2FA code and the API Key is created

Connect WhiteBIT with Vestinda using the API KEY

Now that you have an API key, you can take advantage of the power of Vestinda by connecting your WhiteBIT Exchange.

You can do this in a simple step in your Vestinda Account area. Copy the API Key and Secret Key from the temporary location and enter those in the Vestinda platform.

After clicking Connect WhiteBIT Exchange, a success popup is presented.

You can now delete the Api Key and secret from the temporary location.

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