What is Demo Trading and How to Invest in Demo mode

Demo trading, also known as "paper trading", is a way to simulate actual trading in financial markets, without using real money. It is a tool used by traders to practice their strategies and test their ideas in a risk-free environment. By using a demo trading account, traders can see how their trades would have performed in real market conditions, and make adjustments to their strategies accordingly.

Trading in Demo mode can yield different results when compared with Real trading. This can cause false expectations. Vestinda Demo mode acts as a 100% efficient market. We assume the order will always get filled with the current orderbook. There is also almost no slippage in demo mode. Another reason Demo mode can differ when compared with real trading is connection issues with brokers/exchanges.

Watch the video walkthrough:

Once you're logged in into Vestinda app, you can use our ready-made trading strategies from the Strategy Library or create your own trading strategy using our no-code builder either from scratch or starting from a template.

Step 1

Depending on whether you have created your own strategy (either from scratch or from a template) or you have chosen a strategy from the Library, you can to start investing in Demo mode in a few different ways.

Go to the Strategy details page.

  • If you're just building your strategy, you'll see the "Backtest" button on the right side of your screen. Click on the dropdown arrow next to it and then click on "Start Demo Investing".
  • If the strategy was already created:
    • if you're on the "Real Investing" tab or any other tab than "Demo Investing": click on the dropdown arrow next to the button on the right and then click on "Start Demo Investing".
    • go to the "Demo Investing" tab and click on the "Start Demo Investing" button.

Click on the dropdown arrow next to the " Invest Using This Strategy" button and then click on "Invest in Demo Mode".

Step 2

Once you've clicked on "Start Demo Investing" / "Invest In Demo Mode", you'll see the "Demo Investing" overlay.


You must have an account with one of the Crypto Exchanges currently integrated. More details about Crypto Exchanges and how to connect them to Vestinda can be found here: https://help.vestinda.com/category/28-connect-exchange

Step 3

Once you've selected an exchange and filled in a value inside the "Amount to invest with each trade" field, click on the "Start Demo Investing" button.

Congrats! 🎉

You're now investing in Demo mode without risking any real money.

You can also use Backtesting to test how the strategy performs on historical data, and once you're confident enough, you can start Real Trading.

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