How to recover your Vestinda 2FA account

In case you lost access to the device or removed your Vestinda account from the Authenticator app by mistake (while still having it enabled inside the Vestinda app), just re-install the Authenticator app on the same device or a new one and add the Vestinda account again.

Once you have the app installed, tap on the + button in the bottom-right corner, then tap on the Enter a setup key button.

You'll be requested to fill-in some information:

  • under the Account field, you must fill-in the e-mail address of your Google Authenticator app account (most likely that's your Google account with a Gmail email address)
  • under the Key field, fill-in the Recovery code that you've previously saved when enabling your 2FA for Vestinda (Learn more)

In case you did not save your Recovery code for the Google Authenticator app, get in touch with us so that we can Disable 2FA for you, manually.

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