How to demo trade a strategy from Library

Step 1

Once you're logged in into Vestinda app, click on Strategy Library item from the left menu.

Step 2

You'll end up on the Library page where you can browse through existing trading strategies.

Scroll through the available strategies and choose one that fits you best.

Click on the View Strategy button to go to the Strategy details page.

Step 3

You're now in the Strategy details page where you can see all the details about the strategy and its performance.

Click on the Try for Free button and then click on Invest in Demo Mode.

You'll be prompted with the Demo Investing overlay where you can choose the Exchange on which you want to run your strategy in demo mode and the amount to invest.

Asset pair cannot be changed when investing in Demo mode using a Strategy from the Library.

Once done, click on the Start Demo Investing button.

Demo investing will be triggered in the background and you should see a success message:

Step 4

Click on the View My Strategy button.

This will switch the view of the Strategy from Public to Private (your strategy).

Step 5

Click on the Demo Investing tab to see the results.

You can also switch back to the Public results of the Strategy by clicking on the View Public Strategy button.


You're now using a Strategy from the Library to demo invest.

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